Designer Carlos Soares is the remarkable artist behind Vintage World, a company that has become popular throughout Brazil for its wide range of “retro” products, from toys and posters to bicycles and furniture.

Check some more press material aired on TV Bandeirantes in 2006, where Otávio Mesquita interviews Carlos Soares and learns more about his work.

Below some of Carlos Soares' artwork and media highlights:

Artista especializado em temática retrô, seguem abaixo alguns de seus trabalhos:



Designer Carlos Soares is the remarkable artist behind Vintage World, a company that has become popular throughout Brazil for its wide range of “retro” products, from toys and posters to bicycles and furniture. Mr. Soares – who designs all of Vintage World’s products himself – is now bringing his talents to the United States. Having established his American operations over the past few months, Mr. Soares premiered his latest collection at the New York International Gift Fair in 2012, which was held from August 18th to the 22nd at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, in the city of New York.


This is only one of the latest ventures for Mr. Soares, who has spent two decades in the international design industry. His unusual career began when he was studying Hinduism and the Sanskrit language in India, where he launched his first successful venture, Magic Company. An importer and exporter of incense and spices, Magic Company had many products, all of which required eye-catching packaging in order to compete in a busy marketplace. Mr. Soares designed this packaging himself, as well as all of Magic Company’s logos, advertising campaigns, and promotional materials. These included a unique monthly newsletter that kept his clients up to date on the latest news.


His designs made quite an impression on customers and Magic Company thrived as a business in both Asia and South America. The experience sparked Mr. Soares’s artistic side, however, and he decided to return to Brazil and study graphic and product design in order to pursue his artistic talents. Soon after graduating from the Escola Panamericana de Artes in São Paulo, he began creating customized suitcases, hatboxes, chests, and other items of luggage, which he exported internationally. His products bore a distinctive nostalgic style influenced by the art and culture of the early 20th Century. This look proved to be immensely popular, inspiring Mr. Soares to found a second company, Vintage World, for the purpose of marketing his retro products to consumers around the world.


It did not take long for Vintage World to become a commercial success, and Mr. Soares expanded the company’s product line. Major retailers across Brazil stocked its many items in increasing amounts as demand proved high, and the company was soon able to open several of its own locations throughout the country. (Television host Otavio Mesquita even visited Vintage World’s main location for a segment on his Rede Bandeirantes show, “The Night is Young.”) Global trade shows in China and the United States eagerly featured Vintage World products, causing its fame to extend beyond borders.


Vintage World was such a success that it even drew the attention of other companies, including legendary automobile manufacturer General Motors. To celebrate its own rich history, General Motors commissioned Mr. Soares to create a special, one-time collection of accessories highlighting one of its most famous cars, the Corvette, inviting him to present the final results at its Detroit headquarters. Other companies based in Brazil, like Assolan and the fashion labels Babbu and Mercatto, used Vintage World products in their own advertisements in order to project a warm, inviting image to their target audience.


The recognition Mr. Soares has earned is not only commercial in nature, but also artistic. For example, his work has exhibited on many occasions at the headquarters of the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History, of which he is also a leading member. He has also contributed art to exhibitions at the Fort of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, the Metropolitan Museum in Buenos Aires, the Jockey Club in São Paulo, and other significant venues.


As demand for Vintage World has steadily increased in the United States, Mr. Soares opened an American branch of the company in the New York City area, where he will continue to build on his success. He has already partnered with a distributor, Worldwide Inc., which will bring his creations to consumers across the country. Those who cannot wait will have a chance to witness his beautiful art next month at the Javits Center, when he will show off his latest collection of wares, including a new line of suitcases, briefcases, vanity cases, trunks, chests, purses, and hatboxes. For more information, visit the websites for the New York International Gift Fair ( or Worldwide (