Carlos Soares... a Designer who ranks among that small percentage who have risen to the very top of his field of endeavor, coming to international prominence in the mid-1990s when he founded his own firm, Magic Company. Importing and exporting incense between India and his native Brazil was in his blood. He designed the packaging, logos, and advertisements for the company, which quickly proved popular among global consumers.

As a result of this success, he began pursuing design full-time, and his talents soon drew the attention of major clients like General Motors, in the USA. In 2005 he founded another company, Vintage World, to offer his unique product designs bearing a retro aesthetic; in doing so, Carlos effectively introduced the nostalgia craze to South America and his products became must-haves. Vintage World has had positive coverage from national television programs and publications, including “A Noite é uma Criança” , “Ana Maria Braga”, and magazines/newspapers, such as: VejaScrapbookingSmackVegetarianosCasa ClaudiaCasa e Jardim, Vejinha, Jornal da Tarde, Folha de Sao Paulo, Revista Caras,Decorar mais por Menos, just to mention some!

His achievements have earned numerous honors from the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture, and History, of which he is also a member, and his work frequently exhibits in venues all over the world, among them Grand Central Station in New York City, the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Museu Histórico do Exército in Rio de Janeiro, El Museo Metropolitanoin Buenos Aires, and the China Import & Export Fair in Guangzhou.